Anti Bullying Acts aim to protect children from harmful actions that hurt them physically and emotionally. Many cases of bullying have been reported and approximately 160,000 students have been victims of this. It is truly an unrully act and must be stopped.

Today, I share with you a story of a victim of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying people through the use of the internet specifically in social media.

The victim was bullied by her classmate. After an afternoon of filming for a school project, she started talking with her groupmates about her interests and the group shared theirs as well. That night, her classmate posted something on a social media site about her being childish. She started calling her names and started insulting her. Many of her classmates started backbiting her. She felt so sad and depressed of the situation. She consulted her mom for advice and thankfully it worked.

The main point of this story was to inspire or help other victims of bullying. Never be afraid to consult your parents about this matter because this can affect your life. Being a victim of bullying can make you feel depressed. Your parents can give you advice and can even talk to your teachers in school. I know many students would not want their parents to go to school and complain about it but if you think about it, your parents can help you in such a big way. The teachers would talk to the bully and give him detention or something. Stop surrounding yourself with fear and try accepting help.

Guidance councelors can even help. You can tell them that you wouldn’t want your parents to know and they will take action of the situation and can help you as well.

Surrounding yourself with happiness is even better. Try watching videos on Youtube that make you happy, vloggers foodies and many others can satisfy your need of happiness. Be with your family, they can give you the happiness and love you need.

Being with the right friends is also important, they can back you up when you are down. They can make you laugh and they can listen to your problems. Dont forget to look for the RIGHT ONES, because you can’t always trust anyone easily.

Lastly, try opening up to the people you really trusy because this can help you express how you feel and can make you feel so much better.


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