Happy Thursday everyone!

Wouldn’t life be even more happier if we are healthy? Being healthy doesn’t mean we have to exercise every day or eat healthy food every day. But yes, those are huge factors in marinating a proper lifestyle.

Being healthy is not easy, it takes patience, time and effort to do so. I mean not everyone can stand a whole week eating vegetables and fish only, I know some can but I know many can’t, and I am one of them. I wouldn’t call myself super healthy and I am not an expert with diets but I have simple tips that can help you keep a good lifestyle.

1. Have at least an 8-hour sleep

  • this factor is really important. We get a lot of energy by just sleeping alone. Many people are always busy and they tend to sleep at 1 am or 3 am or they don’t sleep at all. This is a very bad habit. Our body needs to rest to you know! It needs to rest to function properly. Plus, having enough sleep can avoid eye bags showing up in your face!


2. Eating the right food

  • The basic thing we know about diet is probably the 3G rule, the GO, GROW, GLOW meal. That is basically the complete diet you need. This is one of the simplest way to get a proper diet starting. You can use this so that later on you’ll get used to having a diet. Eating vegetables are very important they give you enough nutrients to help your muscles be strong and healthy and so with fruits as well. In terms with meat, eating the right amount of meat is good to have enough protein inside your body but of course don’t eat too much. Eating to much and doing it often might cause cancer and might stress out your kidney, and might result to cardiac arrest, so, be careful and control yourself from eating too much. Too much of eating desserts and sweets can lead to diabetes as well. Eating Go foods provide carbohydrates for us to walk, jump, run, and walk. Be sure to eat the right amount cause too much is always bad.


3. Exercise

  • According to experts, adults need at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. I know not many of us exercise daily but exercise comes in different forms, yoga, dancing, Zumba, going to gym and many more. Going to the gym for at least one hour is already enough. Exercise is needed to strengthen your muscles and to protect ourselves form getting diseases. Losing weight is already a bonus actually.

4. Drink lots of water

  • Hydration is really important. Drinking water maintains fluid balance and helps transport nutrients in the body. It is important to regulate body temperature, digest food and even gives you clearer skin. Drinking water has so much benefits, you don’t even know how much it can help make your body healthy. Drink at least 8 glasses a day because it would help so much


5. Stay Positive

  • Having a positive out look in life is important for you to get motivated to become healthy. Being positive is so important for you to become happy and inspired to do the things you do. Being positive is also good so that you can help share it to your friends and family. Having a positive environment can affect the way you act and feel.


These were five simple tips to become healthy but you must control yourself to some things to become healthy like:

1. Cut out sugar when you can
2. Avoid eating junk food and soft drinks
3. Monitor your calories
4. Avoid being lazy
5. Follow your diet

There are so much ways to become healthy and I only stated a few. Make the right choices when it comes to health. Look for the healthier options and avoid the unhealthy ones.

I hoped this helped some of my readers and don’t forget to give a feed back when you can:

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