According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, INSPIRATION is something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create. This maybe a person, place, experience, or etc., that makes someone want to do or create something.

According to Google, INSPIRATION is the process of being mentally simulated to do or feel something creative.

According to the Dictionary of Cambridge, INSPIRATION is the someone or something that gives you ideas to do something.

We all have different meanings and takes on inspiration. It is something or someone who gives you a drive to do things in life. He or she motivates you to do what you want to do. He or she motivates you to do your best in school or to work hard everyday. Everybody needs inspiration to feel happy and motivated to live everyday of his/her life.

We need to be inspired to inspire other people. We need to spread positivity to the world and we cant do that if we are not happy.

Inspiration can come in different forms:

  1. Family – we do our very best in school to make our parents happy. We strive hard everyday to achieve something worthy for them to be proud of us.
  2. Boyfriends or girlfriends – When we are in relationships, we have a certain mood that keeps us going. We get motivated to do things because we know that we have a partner always supporting us. We feel the comfort of their love for us and it keeps us happy to do the things we do.
  3. Trophies, medals, Goals – We get motivated to do something because we want to achieve something. Certain events or objects make us want to seek even harder to achieve our goals. The goals in life make us inspired to work even harder to achieve themGoals
  4. Friends – Our friends gives us so much happiness to keep working. They give a kind of positive outlook that we need to lighten up our mood and keep working harder everyday. They can listen to us all day and be there for us for our darkest moments. They give us the support we need to keep going on.
    Happy Girlfriends Taking A Selfie At Beach - Concept Of Friendsh
  5. God – Above all, I think that God is the biggest inspiration in our lives. Without him, we wouldn’t have the drive to keep our lives going. He is a big part in our lives and we have to be thankful that he listens, guides, and protects us every day. His love is a very big part of lives and should be the biggest inspiration in our lives. He should be the center and should He should always be our rock.


Inspiration is something that we need to get ourselves going. We need this to get motivated to  do work. What’s your inspiration?




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Pictures are from GOOGLE and PINTEREST



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