DISCLAIMER: This blog is not sponsored. LMW chose to feature this product because the website wanted to recommend it to its readers. 

Lipsticks, lip gloss, liquid lipsticks, lip balms, lip tints and other lip products are becoming popular in the makeup industry. Lip products are becoming trends right now. Brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Mac, Tarte, Pixi, and many other makeup brands have been featuring different kinds of lip products that have different formulas to make each one unique.

Though there are many lip products in the market, today, I would want to feature a particular product that I have been loving and using daily. I would like to feature LIP CRAYONS. I was intrigued to hear what they are and I wanted to test them immediately.

I was able to try the Lip crayons from Pink Sugar, and i tried 2 shades, Woke up like this and Love at First Swipe. The names of the shade are unique and really cute. The shades are beautiful and the lip crayons are very easy to apply.

There are two other shades that I haven’t tried yet, they are Nothing To Wear and Ready in Five. I have yet to try these shades but based on my research many customers have reviewed them and they mostly gave a 5-star rating.


I was really satisfied with the product because it gave a matt finish and the application is so easy. It is very smooth when applied and it is really long lasting. 

I would really recommend getting the product because the price us worth your money and the product really delivers.

Lip crayons are really products you may consider, they may cost more than regular lipsticks but its finish is really better and worth the money  you will send.

You may get the product online. I recommend, You can get these Lip Crayons at 399.00 Php only
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