We cannot avoid stress. Everybody gets tired because of the problems they face, whether it’d be related to financial, love, emotional and social problems. We cannot avoid these because we all go through this. We have so much to think off we forget to relax and just chill. We have to open our eyes, look the skies or stars, breathe, smell the fresh air and rest. We need to rest because we get tired.
Resting is actually very important. We can’t keep working everyday without  sleeping. We have to give our body a break from all the stress. We need to just stop and relax. We need to chill and forget all the bad times or stressed moments and just feel rested and happy.
Resting gives off positivity. It gives us the feeling of not being rushed, the feeling of happiness without having problems. We feel calm and collected. We need it to just get out of our problematic life.
There are different forms of rest:
1. Sleeping – we need to get at least 8 hours of sleep, our body needs to get a break from all the activities it has been doing.
2. Eating – eating is actually a form or rest since it gives the body energy and eases your mood. Plus, eating the food you want, satisfies your mood and relaxes you and of course makes you happy

3. Going on Vacation – going on a trip away from work is one of the most effective ways to rest. Just being in a new environment makes you forget all the stress yourself you are in. It especially helps if you are with your family, friends, or loved one.

4. Bonding time with your loved ones – being with your family is one of the things to make your day. They give you happiness and love that you need to make your day complete.
5. Being with your friends – Going out what with your friends help you forget all the stress in work. It’s just a time where you be happy and talk about everything with your friends. It’s the time to be happy and not problem about anything. You can also talk about all your problems with them, because they would always hear your out.
Multiracial Group of People Jumping at Beach, Backlight
Resting is really important to give ourselves a break. But we must not make an excuse to be lazy. We must not make it an excuse to do work because we can’t just do it all the time. There are times when we have to be productive and there are times where we just have to stop and chill.
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3 thoughts on “CHILL

  1. eloisabunny says:

    Hi! I like your post. Sometimes people forget to rest and just chill because they’re always looking on something to do. You have a good point in there. Looking forward for more positive post from you. Btw, if you have time pls do visit my blog as well. thanks 🙂


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