Technology has evolved through the years. We have different gadgets to help us in work and in school. Smartphones and tablets are used in communication, entertainment, reports, document work and many more.

In terms of entertainment, many applications have been created to cater the needs of the people. Many games were created to entertain the users. Several social media sites have created applications for users to use it easily.

Here are some suggestions for you to download on your smartphone or tablet to keep you entertained:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA APPS – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are just examples of social media apps you must have on your phone. When you want to check on your friends or family or message them, these apps help you know their status. You can view their recent activity and know what they are up to. Of course you can also share your activities here to keep your family and friends updated on you and your life. You just have to make sure you are posting the appropriate things and you should also be responsible on the subjects you post online.
  2. YOUTUBE – YouTube is my most favorite app as of the moment. I love watching videos about baking, makeup, vlogs, and all those random stuff. I recommend you downloading YouTube because you can look for different videos that can help you and make you happy. You just have to find the YouTubers that you really want to watch regularly. Subscribe to the YouTubers that you really like, you may even find those who you have the same interests with.

    unnamed (1)

  3. PINTEREST – Pinterest is a fun app to use. It has loads of pictures. It has pictures for you to base on to do things. It has DIYs and  Room Décor(Interior), you can look at clothes, shoes, gowns, makeup, food, and many more. Many entrepreneurs have been basing their interiors on picture in Pinterest. I even based the design of my room through Pinterest. It’s a great app that can help you in many ways.


  4. COOKING GAMES – Many cooking games keep you entertained when your bored. Cooking Fever, Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, Restaurant Story, Bakery Story and many other cooking games are so fun to play. They keep you hooked when your bored and these kinds of apps really have great animation. These apps please you when you have nothing to do.


  5. MATCHING GAMES – Candy Crush, Best Fiends, Farm Heroes and many other games are apps to play for leisure. They are apps that have different levels and are just fun to play when we are waiting for someone or something

    unnamed (2).png

  6. WAR GAMES – Clash of Clans, Plants vs Zombies, are some games that are fun games to spend free time.


  7. WORD GAMES – Text Twist, Hangaroo are some games that are fun to play and would also practice your vocabulary skills


  8. RUNNING APPS – Temple Run, Subway Surfers are some apps that can keep you entertained when you are on a flight or when your waiting for something. They are fun apps to play when you are not doing anything.

    unnamed (3).png

  9. COLORING APPS –Coloring is not just for kids but also for adults. Complex coloring books have been created for adults. Studies have proven that coloring actually eases your mind and relaxes it as well. An example can be the Colorfy app.


  10. WORDPRESS – WordPress is an app for people who would wish to write about many topics. You can make your own website and post the things you want to post. You can create a page about what you want to post. You will be the editor in chief and you will manage it. WordPress has become a medium for me to write what I want to write and it is also a tool for you to help people, to make them happy, to guide them, to help them, or just to give them entertainment.

    unnamed (4).png


The apps I presented can actually  be played by adults too. They all keep you entertained when your bored. Also, these are only SUGGESTIONS for you to download, there are many more apps for you to download but I hope this helped.

Apps keep you entertained when you have nothing to do. Though these might be fun to do, we must have allotted time to use these apps because we can’t spend all our time on our smartphones or tablets.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please do leave a comment or like below. Don’t forget to share this with you r friends. Thank you!


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