I know many familes are broken. I don’t know how it feels when a loved one has left. But being with your mom and dad, sisters and brothers just brings up some joy. I am most happy when my family is complete. I am so elated whenever my siblings and I are in one roof. It’s hard when we don’t see each other everyday, we live in different cities now. I have to finish my junior high school before I get to live in Manila with them and that is one year from now. 

We never have those big family fights like other familes. We’re happy and we only get down sometimes when one of us have problem in work or in studies. 

Being with family gives a sense of love and support we all need. Family doesn’t mean you have to be blood related, family can be your friends, your workmates,your classmates and many others. As long as you surround yourself with good people who are willing to make you happy, to listen to you, to help and to be there for you, you have a family. 

Family is happiness. It is so fun to be with them. We do different activities together for more bonding time:

1. Going on Vacation

2. Shopping

3. Going out on a Picnic

4. Watching movies

5. Going to zoos or museums

6. Staying home 

7. Eating at a restaurant 

Having quality time with your family is important. We have to keep a healthy relationship to have a happy family.  Not all families are perfect, each one of us have a goofy side. It’s just really good to have bonding time with them because those times can only happen sometimes. Cherish each moment together.
That’s is it for today’s blog. I hope you guys liked it and if you do please hit the star below and don’t forget to leave a comment, I’d love to here feedback from you. Thank you for reading!!




3 thoughts on “BEING WITH FAMILY

  1. summervinn says:

    Hey, I also feel this way) I find family a very important part of our lives since they are the only people who will love you, believe in you and support you no matter what) And I like family gatherings too)) But for some reason we do not do things together that often( it happens 3-4 times a year (only), I’d love to do that more often))
    Thanks for bringing that topic))


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