Having a girls night out, having a beer-out, a slumber party or just an afternoon out with your friends is something we all must have time for.  Have fun with them, but make sure you don’t go far, don’t drink too much, don’t party too much, just have FUN.

Relive the C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. song by SpongeBob. It is about having a campfire with you friends. It brings me back to my childhood and I always remember myself wishing to have a camp-out with my friends.


Sleepovers are my favorite bonding times with my friends. You stay up late, watch movies, do makeovers, have face masks, painting nails and so much more. I love these kinds of nights, they are just so fun-filled.


Going out to the mall, and shopping for clothes is also very fun to do but very expensive, so always keep a budget. Shopping with them help you choose clothes that best suit you and that best suit you.


Eating out with them is also very fun. Pigging out is the “in” term for it nowadays. Eating is just fun and one of my most favorite things to do, especially with my friends.


Overall, giving time for them just gives you more of a social life. Friends are so lucky to have. You have to make sure you have the right ones. Always know that you should have friends you can trust, who listens to you, and who make you laugh all the time.


That is all for this blog post. I hope you liked it and if so, please hit the star below. I would love to hear feedback from you, so please comment down below too, (if you can). Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this with your friends!




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