It was a fun mall day. My sisters, my mom and I went to Glorietta Mall to spend the whole day there. We went to the mall to shop primarily.

We went to H&M, National Bookstore, the SM Department Store and Classic Savory. Sadly on this day I didn’t really feel to shop so I only got a pair of shoes for only 499 pesos. Then i got a backpack for 500 pesos. Yes, I am on a budget. I bought cheap things only today. But I enjoyed.

We went to Classic Savory to get a takeput for dinner. After we went home and ate together with my brother. Our day ends with more talks as usual.

For every trip we must have a budget. Overspending is not good. Set a budget so that you wont lose too much money and so that you go home with savings left. Control yourself from too much buying because you can waste much money in one afternoon if you do so. But if you think too much about saving and not buying anything at all, you might not have fun too, so just be sure to buy what you can, and buy qhat you meed and if you have extra, buy what you want.

That is all for this blog post. I hope you guys liked it and if you did please hit the star below. Please comment down below, I would lovw to hear feedback from you! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank you!!!

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