Happy April Fools Day!!!!! It is the star of April and many of us would probably be pranking many of our friends and family. This is not really celebrated in my country but I’ve learned to appreciate it and half fun with it. I don’t do those big pranks though, but I love seeing videos of some in YouTube.

Usual pranks I see online are:

1. Insect Lamps

2. Airhorn Pranks

3. Mentos Prank

4. Oreo-Toothpaste Replace

5. The CLASSIC – Whoopee Cushion Prank

This day would be full of laughs and I hope everybody who pranks this year are successful. It’s fun to do this to your friends, family, classmates, and co workers but don’t overdo it cause your victim might get angry. Just have fun with it and I hope you enjoy April Fools! Have a good one!

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did please hit the star below and dont forget to comment, if you did any pranks this year, I would love to read it, THANK YOU! Share this with your friends and thank you for reading!!!


8 thoughts on “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!

  1. Al says:

    Haha there are some crackers in there.

    My 18 year old daughter likes all the rappers and at the moment Kendrick Lamarr is her favourite male singer with Beyoncé being her favourite female. Rappers are very often creating tracks dissing other rappers, and Lamarr did one to Drake, I think she said, or it could have been Kanye West. So I knocked on her door and told her Beyoncé had released a dis track in response to Lamarr. Her reaction was priceless


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