DAY 4,5, & 6 – MANILA TRIP

I will be combining the day 4, 5 and 6 blog post for the Manila trip because they were mainly just shopping blogs😂. My vacation was also about shopping since I only visit Manila rarely. 

Day 4

We went out in the afternoon. We spent the whole day at Robinsons. We went to Uniqlo, Miniso, Papemelroti, and to a cafe (i forgot its name, Sorry). After we went to go see a bazaar and I was able to pick up a few things

Day 5 

We went back to Robinsons to go to church at CCF. The service started at 10:30 and ended around 12. We ate at Pancake House for lunch. We headed out to H&M to buy more clothes then we went home.

Day 6 

This is the last time I would be sending a whole day at Manila. (DAY 7 would be my flight back) home). This day was a Mother and Daughter Day. My mom and I went back to Glorietta to do some errands and spend our last day there. We went to National Bookstore and I picked out some things to make dome DIYs when I get back home. Then we went to Forever 21 to shop for more clothes. We also went to the SM Department Store. Then we ate lunch. We headed to the Miniso in that branch and shopped more. Then we went to Starbucks because it is my favorite pplace then, we headed home. At 6 pm, my siblings, my mom and I went to Mall of Asia to have dinner. We also stopped buy a pet shop to buy a bed for my dog, Fully booked, to buy Zoella’s third book ( I love her books and she is one of my favorite Youtubers), then lastly to the Supermarket, to buy groceries for my siblings

That was all for Day 4, 5, and 6 of my Manila Trip. It was just some bonding time with my family.

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