We all often get busy with school or work. Stress tends to eat us up. We keep our mind busy with all the things we have to do. We get too serious that we dont have fun anymore. 
If we get too filled up with the stress we face in, we lose the time for friends and family and especially time for ourselves. We need a “breather” too, we need to get some time of all the work.
Have some fun! This is a list of the activities I really love to do when I just wanna get out of all the stress from school…
1. Eating out with friends or Family


3. Watching Movies

4. Going to amusement parks/arcades

5. Going on outdoor activities

6. Going on a trip

We need to take breaks too. But overdoing breaks can be bad and can result to you being lazy or you thunking that you don’t have a responsibility. There is a time for everything, time for work, time for fun.

That is all for this blog post, I hope you guys like it and if you did please hit the star below. Please do comment, I would love to read some feedback from you. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to sharw this with your friends!


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