It is always good to have a clean and organized workspace. With an organized table, we are able to work more efficiently. When we keep things in place and we see where they are placed, it would be easier to study or to work on projects.

Today I will share with you how I organize my workspace. I have different tips to help you clean and make your desks more orderly.

To organize my pencils, pens and markers, I keep them in glass containers filled with beads to help make these pop up from the containers and simply for more design.


I keep a lot of papers in my desk so I simply put them in my drawers separate from my other school supplies and keep them stacked up for more room.


In the other drawer I keep my rulers, scissors, staplers and many more in different containers to avoid clutter.


My biggest tip for organization is to have containers for specific supplies. That way you know where they go and you wont have to misplace them again.

I also recommend getting glass or clear plastic containers or acrylic ones. These are better so that you can see the supplies easily. But of course, if you prefer colored containers, then it is totally fine as long as they suit your workspace.

Desk lamps  are important. Of course you will need some light to work and having nice ones are also important to motivate you to work. Make sure you get ones that are bright.

Calendars/Planners are good to have on your desk to simply rind you what day is it.

Candles are important because they just ease you when you are stressed. They also add to the design of your desk and also if you get scented ones, they are just satisfying.


Keeping your workspace clean, organized and nice are important to keep you motivated to work or study. Seeing it well arranged can easily make you want to work.

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