I am not going to lie that I am a shopaholic. I love shopping and I enjoy very much. I know it is a bad thing to love but I know that I have to have a budget for all that I am spending. I may love shopping but I don’t like wasting too much money.

Today I will be sharing with you some tips that can help you with shopping. These are tips that really help me and I hope it will help you guys too.

TIP #1

Whenever we go on a trip I always limit myself to an amount. For example 8,000 Php, I think of the items I want to buy before going to the shops to help control my excessive shopping. This always helped me whenever I go shopping. 

TIP #2

Listing the things you want to buy
is always very helpful. If you have list on what to buy, it will help you only to look for that specific item. Sometimes if I want to go to a specific store, I download their app or go to their website to check their collection. For example H & M, I download their app and look for the things I want and just add it to my wishlist. Then when I go to the store, I simply look for the item buy it. This way you can look for the items you like and you can see their prices, that way you can compute them and look for away to fit it in your budget.

TIP #3

Bring less money
. For example, my trip would have 2 days for shopping and my budget is 8000 Php. For day 1, I would only bring 4000 Php, to limit myself from over shopping.

TIP #4

Go for things on SALE
. Sales are just the best thing ever. Buying things with a cheaper price is always good.

TIP #5

Limit yourself from online shopping
. This has been my biggest weakness, online shopping. It is very hard to do for me, but I always try my best to not go online to shop. If I do, I just put all the things in my wishlist so that, in the future, I would choose the items that would fit in my budget.

Shopping is really bad if you do it excessively. We should learn to control ourselves to spend money. We must always remember that money does not grow on trees and that we have to start saving than spending.

That is it for this blog post, I hope you guys liked it and if you did please hit the star below. Please do comment, I would love to hear feedback from you. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Feel free to check more of the website and to check more of the blogs.


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