I love coffee. It is honestly my best friend. It is has been with me when I study, when I watch my Korean Dramas, when I am tired and especially when I eat my breakfast.

I love coffee, that I have a frame in my wall that says “May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.” I love waking up every morning and reading that.

I love coffee, it satisfies me every time I drink it. It makes me happy whenever I drink it. I cannot imagine my life without, yes I love it that much.

I love coffee, that I consider Starbucks as a big blessing to the world. I honestly love it so much, that every time we go on a trip, I cannot go home without having a drink from Starbucks. 

It helped me so much. It helped me focus when I study, it kept me up when I had to do projects, I love coffee.

Coffee is an absolute essential for me. I am so thankful that we have an unlimited stock of it here at home. I just love it so much.

That is it for my blog post. I hope you guys liked it and if you did please hit the star below. Please do leave a comment if you have a love for coffee and if so, how did it help you?. Thank you so much for reading and also did you notice how many times I said “I love coffee?”



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