Did you watch Inside Out by Disney? I loved that movie so much. It made me think that what if we had Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust in our heads. 

Did you ever feel you were sad for no reason? Or angry? I know that I do. I don’t know why but there are a lot of times where I just feel annoyed for some reason. I think to myself, “I’m annoyed because I don’t like the way she answers or talks to me.” I know it is not good thing to think but I am not going to lie it happens often. I am not that person who gets mad in public, I don’t really throw fits, I just get mad when I am alone, or like I don’t talk to the person to avoid fights. I am not gonna lie too, yes, I got angry in public to sometimes but there are situations that really tick me off. I know I am not the only one, we all get mad too, we are not perfect. 

Happiness is an emotion that, if I could, I would want to feel it all the time with no sadness and anger. But of course nobody is perfect. I really like to surround myself with positivity so I can stay happy. I mean life is short, why not enjoy life while it lasts.

Sadness, it is honestly the emotion i don’t like but I think it is also the emotion we need. We need to be sad too, we can cry too you know. It may be something we dont like to experience, but I believe we need to close the things that made us sad. I don’t know, I can’t really explain it, but yes Sadness is also something we need to feel.

Emotions change all the time. It might be our day and it may not be. People can be the reasons why we feel a certain emotion. It might be just moods swings. 

I am so glad that people came up with emoticons. I appreciate these things so much because it made texting, typing, and tweeting more fun and easier to explain. I don’t know but I find emoticons so useful. This is my favorite emoticon by the way: 😂

Always remember to keep positivity and be happy! Some things are hindrances to your happiness but always try your best to overcome those obstacles and be happy! 

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