I think it is safe to say that there are people who dislike you. I mean as the saying goes, “You can’t please everyone.” No matter how good you try to be, there are people who still dont like what you do or just really hate you. 
(I promise the post would end good, read some more πŸ˜ƒ)

I have been bullied. I experienced the pain when you are judged for something you like. The feeling when you are judged for being who you are. I hate that feeling, it hurts so much, but somehow I dealt with it and now I am at peace.

I also experienced being with the wrong friends. When you try to be yourself but they take you the wrong way. They leave you and you have no one to talk to. I hated myself, I blamed myself. Why couldn’t I be the person they wanted me to be. Why don’t I have friends?

Those experiences are in my past now actually. I find it so weird that I got through it. Looking back, I got hurt so many times and now I am realizing that those experiences made me grow as a person. But how did i deal with the pain?

When I felt bad with the situation, I always think that it would be over soon. I just have to face it to get over this situation. I had to be strong to surpass it.

When I was bullied, I chose not to speak about anything it because the school year was almost ending and I didnt want to make more trouble. I just thought that people will soon forget it and if I argued with my bully, it would be a useless fight. Making more problems is never good. I chose not to care about the situation and to ignore all the mean things that were said about me. I CHOSE TO BE HAPPY.

I talked to my mom. I told my mom my problems. She would always give me the best advice. She was also my source of strength in times like these.

And lastly, I let time pass by. The saying “Time heals all wounds,” is something that was helpful to me. I chose the path to be happy and I let time heal all the pain I went through. 

Now I am happy. There will be a new school year this June and I don’t know what is in-store for me, but hopefully I can face all the problems ahead.

This is all for my blog post. If you guys liked it pleade hit the 🌟 below. Please do comment, I would love to hear feedback from you. Thank you so much for reading and feel free to explore more of Liana Meyer Writes. 



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