UPDATE!!! 05-04-17

Hey guys, on Sunday, May 7, 2017, I will be going to Cebu for another shopping adventure!!! As much as I would love to see tourist attractions in Cebu, we only have 3 days to stay there. I know we have enough time to tour around the city, but my siblings prefer shopping than touring. I would still be blogging about my Cebu Trip, I will try my very best to make the blog exciting and fun, because for our family, shopping is our vacation because we only get to do this once in a while (summer vacation). So expect a Cebu trip blog.

Next, I was not really happy with the last update of the logo. So after a few edits, I am finally happy with how LMW turned out. Now it looks like this:

I hope you guys can check the new update and surf the blog site more. 

Link: https://lianameyerwrites.wordpress.com

That is all for the update! Thank you guys so much for reading my blogs. Please know that I appreciate each comment, like and view. Thank you so much!


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