How many hours do you sleep? 8? 6? 12? My sleeping hours vary. 

I have a deep appreciation for sleeping. It is the time where I feel most at peace. I love sleeping so much that my bed has to be perfect for me to sleep in. I have specifications for a very good deep sleep.

I need a lot of pillows. They comfort me. They are the reason why sleeping is fun. Having a lot of pillows is just so comfortable, for me at least. 

I need to have different sizes for pillows. I need one for my head, two for my sides, and throw pillows to hug to. I need specific sizes for my good sleep.

I love sleeping when my pillows are cold. I don’t know why. I have no reason for this but having cold pillows are just so nice to sleep in.

The right blanket. I love soft and big blankets. I love duvets. I can’t sleep without a blanket. It just snuggles me. I love soft blankets.

In general, having a good bed is a key to a good sleep. That is why I really love looking for bedding. I dont know, but, you need to be comfortable when you sleep and your bed is a big part of your good sleep.

(Not my bed by the way, picture taken from Google)

An ideal sleep of mine would be accompanied by a very cold room. I love sleeping when it is cold. It makes my sleep even more comfortable with my blanket.

I have the most comfortable and cute PJs. That is like my number 1 tip to have a good sleep. Its just feels so good when you have nice PJs on. 

Sleeping is just a must for me. Some people are too busy to sleep but I always make sure, no matter how busy I am I have time to sleep. 

Sleeping gives you a lot of energy to face the day. It is the time where our body rests from all the activities we did the whole day.

Sleeping is a must!

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7 thoughts on “LOVE FOR SLEEPING

  1. AdashofJhaee says:

    Ahhh love your post, me too love a comfortable bed because I love to sleep. I love comforters medium on heaviness and down alternative. And lots of pillow, all sides pillow and body size pillows are the best!! 😊👍🏼

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