​So sorry for a very late upload, it was my last week with my siblings in Butuan because they had to go back to Manila, I wanted to spend the last few days with them. I hope you guys understand. Thank you! ❤


My siblings, my mom, and I woke up at 3 am to get ready for our flight at 6 am. We got to the airport at 4 am and waited for our plane to arrived. In the plane, I was seated next to my brother. The flight took exactly 50 minutes to arrive to Cebu. We then took 2 taxis Parklane Hotel. We had bad news when we tried to check in, our room would only be available at 11 am and it was still 7 am in the morning! We went to Starbucks in Ayala Mall and ate our breakfast there. We also waited there until the mall would open. Then when it openned we ate our lunch in Mother’s Fried Chicken. We went back to the hotel and slept until 6pm. Then we went back to Ayala Mall to shop and eat dinner.

May 8

My siblings, my mom and I woke up at 8 and prepared for breakfast. We soon went to SM Seaside to shop some more. We went to H & M, Uniqlo, Forever 21, Forme and of course the SM Department Store. We just shopped the whole day and went to Starbucks for snacks. We ate lunch at Pancake House and ate dinner at Kuya J’s. After all the shopping we went back to our hotel. At about 9 pm my mom suddenly got hungry and she wanted to eat some donuts 🍩, so she forced my brother to accompany her to Krispy Kreme since it was just a walk away. So they both went and got food for us all, i got Caramel Iced Coffee. Then we all slept and prepared for the next day.

May 9

For our last day in Cebu, we went back to Ayala just to spend some time but I saw a really nice apron in H&M and I had to buy it, because i need for my baking. We checked out at our hotel and went to the airport. I had my last Starbucks too, I really enjoyed it. The whole trip I enjoyed, it was a time to bond with my family too. We arrived in Butuan at 8:30 pm.

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