If you guys have read my past blog, you know that I went to Cebu, if you didn’t read it yet, here is the link:

Our flight back to Butuan was really scary. It was the first time I experienced something like that… Soooo STORY TIME!!!!

We were 2 hours early for our flight to Butuan. The flight was scheduled at 5:40 P.M. but it was delayed to 6:10 P.M. We got into a small plane with propellers. The flight should take about 50 minutes to reach Butuan. In the middle of the flight, I noticed some lightning because I was in the window. Suddenly the plane tilted and every body was shocked. Then it tilted to the other  side and it was really scary cause it felt like we were going down. There were people who started praying and there were people who were just preparing for an impact. 

I was praying too, because if it were to crash, my mom, my brother, my sisters and I would die! I was thinking, “Who would take care of my dad?” I was just praying that I hope we get to land safely. Or we would get to land somewhere else and all of the passengers would be safe. The plane was jiggling, it was shaking, I was praying so hard, I was so SCARED! Minutes have passed and the captain announced that we were flying out of turbulence already, and it gave everyone a sigh of relief. Everything was going smooth until we landed. When we landed, the plane bounced   a little from the runway, and all of us heard a “BOOOGSSSHH!!” It was such a scary landing, but we were all safe and that was the important thing.


That experience was terrifying! I just thank God that we were all safe. I thank him for guiding us and just for giving us all the courage to survive the flight. He is truly amazing and I cannot thank Him enough. THANK YOU G!!!

This experience also made me think how lucky all the passengers and I are for surviving a flight like that. I also commend the pilot and the assistant pilot for driving us the best way they can. I thank God for giving them the skills to fly us back safely despite the turbulence. We should be just thankful that we are alive and well. 

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