My school starts on the 5th of July. I will be enrolling next week. IT’S CRAZY!!!

Right now, I have been cherishing the last few days of my summer by binge watching Korean Drama. I have watched 12 now, 1 episode is an hour long by the way. πŸ˜‚ It is just so fun to watch, I get addicted. I even listen to their official soundtracks in Spotify. 

I also have plans to go to another trip before school. It’s my tradition. I must go somewhere before the school year starts.

I also have plans to have a sleepover with my friends the day before school so that we can go to school together on the first day. It’s also a celebration or a last party for the last day of summer.

Even though, school doesn’t start yet, I have to prepare for a project(related to school), as early as now. Working ahead you know?

I would honestly want to go to to the beach again too, if there is still time though. I love posting blogs about our beach. I love to take pictures of it too. Please let me know if you guys like beach blogs too.

Any suggestions on what to do for my last few days of summer? Please do comment down below or contact me through email:

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