I spent probably half of my summer vacation binge watching Korean Drama. I am so addicted with it that I make sure I have a downloaded video ready all the time. It just gives me the “feels”. I am watching my 13th right now and I am definitely enjoying. 

My friend got me into this Korean Drama Business. I am more addicted than she is now, I cannot believe it, I am watching my 13th and she is watching her eighth or ninth. 

There is something with Korean Drama that’s just different. Yeah the actors are hot and handsome and yes, the actresses are pretty and cute but there is just something in the storyline that just hits me. 

Their official sound tracks though, they are really good. I have it on Spotify and gosh they sound really good.

My top 7 picks are:

#7 School 2015: Who are You

#6 Pinocchio

#5 W Two Worlds

#4 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

#3 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo

#2 Goblin

The sound track is amazing! Search for Goblin OST in Spotify!! 

#1 Doctors/Doctor Crush

Realistic Operations, and the Love Story is sooo beautiful!!!

If you haven’t watch any Korean Drama I totally recommend  you guys to at least watch just one!!
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