We all have responsibilities in our hands. Whether you are a student, or if you are working, or if you are not even working, we all have a responsibility.

We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. We must stay in good shape, we must be  motivated to work and most of all we must keep ourselves happy and positive to face life.

We have a responsibility with our family. As a sibling, a mother, a brother, an aunt, an uncle, a grandma, a grandpa, we have a responsibility to care and love our family.

We have a responsibility in work and in school. We must work hard for our future.

We have a responsibility as a friend. We have to be with our friends when they need us. Keeping each other happy and inspired.

We have a responsibility to our partners. We must love  and support each other.

We have a responsibility as citizens of our country to stay true and to be proud of our culture. We must follow the laws and serve the country in our ways.

We have a responsibility as human beings of this world. We must care for it and avoid it from harm. We must help in anyway possible to protect it from hazards. We must encourage the people who harm our earth to do good instead of bad. We need to take care of our world because it our home. 🌎 

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