My friend and I went to the beach for a project. We went there to get some components for our project this coming school year.
The day started early. I woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready. At 6:15 my friend arrived at my house and we (including my mom) all packed up in the car and started the adventure.
We went to the gas station to fill up gas for our car and we also bought a liter of Coca-Cola (we didn’t finish it by the way) in the convenience store.
Then we headed to McDonald’s and got some food for breakfast.
It was a 50 minute trip from Butuan to Vinapor. When we arrived we directly went to the beach. We got the things we needed and spent the rest of the time swimming and having fun. Looking for fishes and shells and just appreciating the scenery, really enjoyed!
After we bathed, we went back down the beach and took some pictures. And we soon headed back to Butuan for lunch.
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