It is Back to School Season here in the Philippines, and what better way to start it than to do a Back to School Haul!!! So I got all my School supplies at National Bookstore, Miniso, Papermelroti, Fab Manila, and The Paperstone by the way.

  1. NOTEBOOKS. I got notebooks for specific subjects that really need a separate notebook and I got a binder for the subjects that don’t really need notes.
  2. PAPER. I got paper for quizzes and essays. We all need paper, so I got some paper.
  3. PENS AND PENCILS. I got several black pens, a blue pen and a red pen. I also got a cute teal mechanical pencil and some ordinary pencils. I also got a friction pen because there are times where teachers say “if you have erasures, minus points” and I want to avoid that so that’s why I got a friction pen.
  4. COLORED MARKERS. I got colored markers for arts and craft.
    FontCandy (10).png
  5. ORGANIZERS. I got organizers so that I would not lose any of my quizzes that are needed for compilation at the end of every semester. These also help me organizer all of my paperwork.
  6. FOLDERS. I got folders for compilation purposes and organization purposes. It also has nice quality that would last me more than a year. It also has a cute sheen design to it as well.
  7. OTHER NEEDED SUPPLIES. I got glue, ruler, stapler, sharpeners and many others because they are just a need in school and its important to have them ready for any activity.
  8. POST ITS, STICKY FLAGS AND ETC.  I got post its and sticky flags to help me study and also to help me keep track of my lessons.
    FontCandy (11).png
  9. PENCIL CASES. I got these to store my pens, pencils, and markers. They were also in my favorite color so I had to get them all!!!

So these are what I got for this school year. When it comes to school supplies, I choose the ones that I really like in terms of design and functionality. I choose the ones that have a nice design and are really affordable too. If you have the school supplies you really like, they can be motivation for you to study more.

When it comes to school supply shopping always have a list and a budget ready. These are important so you don’t overspend.

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