Humility is a value we must all have. Being humble to the people around us is important to keep a healthy relationship with each one.


In the newest Cinderella movie there was a quote that was said, “Have courage and be kind.”  Having the ability to be nice and understanding is quite challenging. Why?


There are people who will not appreciate your kindness. There are some who take your kindness the wrong way. Some would say your two-faced. Having the patience to understand those people who think wrong of you is a very brave thing to have. Always remember that you can’t please everyone. I personally think that the best way to deal with these people is to just leave them be and not let their comments affect you, there is no use of arguing with them, because you would just create more fuss. You just have to keep in mind to keep understand why they are like that, not all people will like you. If ever there are people who don’t see your efforts, who don’t appreciate your kindness, never let this bring you down. Instead you should be should be humble and just treat them right, do not make a fight.

Being humble also means that you have care for others. Do not just think of yourself, think of the people around you.


Being humble also means NOT to be boastful. Remember that there are people that are better than you, with that in mind, we can aim for higher. We all still have to grow. We can avoid being too proud, and we should just be grateful.


Be humble, respect the people around you. Humility is something we all must have in order to keep everything at peace.

An act of kindness can change someone’s day in just a snap. I remember the time when my mom and I were on a flight back to Butuan, we passed by STARBUCKS before leaving. I ordered an Iced Cafe Latte in a Grande size, to my surprise, the customer who ordered before me paid for my drink. It is an act of kindness, that can just brighten up your day.

I personally think having a kind heart can influence others to have a kind spirit as well. Being humble also means that you have concern for what is right.

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