There are billions of songs in the world. There is a genre for each one. There is a song for each feeling you have.

Music is a beautiful thing. It is beautiful because it is inspired by real feelings that the song writer feels and that way the listeners can relate to each word.


I am grateful that we have music in this world. It helps me study, it helps me sleep, it boosts my spirits up, it makes me smile when I am down and it makes me happy and active.

I am sure there is a song for each one of us. There is a song we all love and it changes from time to time. Right now I love listening to official soundtracks of different Korean Dramas. I also love Hailee Steinfield, Taylor Swift many other artists.

Music just changes our moods by its beat, lyrics, and tune. It enhances the emotions we feel. There is a song for every emotion. Each song has its uniqueness.


Millions of people download Spotify or buy albums in the app stores to listen to different music.

Now we can create playlists and save our favorite songs. These song make us happy. They make us feel good and relaxed.

If only I could add a song every time you open my blog site, I will.


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