There are many times that we have heavy workload and we get so busy working on it. We get so stressed and sometimes we tend to say “I give up!” or “I am so frustrated” or “I am so tired” or “I can’t do it anymore!”

I know it gets difficult at times but we must endure it. These are things we must deal with to make us better. When you are problematic, think of the positives instead of the negatives. When there is a big problem ahead of you, think of a solution to solve it.


As a student, we get many projects to do and so little time to finish it. I get so workout, that sometimes I just want to cry. At times like this I always say to myself “I can do this, I can finish this.” When I say this it always boosts me up. It helps me continue the work I am supposed to do.

When there are people bothering you, you feel sad or angry. It is frustrating to face these kinds of situations. But when this happens, never let those people and their comments affect you. When I face these kind of people, I always say, “I’ll leave them to God.” I don’t  really want to fight anyone because I hate causing trouble. If there are people that are just mean and selfish, never let them stop you from what you want to do, never let them stop you live your life.


There are time when our family faces a problem. When a loved one gets sick, we always hope and pray that they get better. When a brother or sister has a problem we have to reassure him/her that everything will be alright. Think positive!


When you feel frustrated and tired, you can always go and talk to your friends and family. Be with people that make you feel happy, surround your self with happiness and positivity.


There may be hurdles in our journey, but, we always have to get our heads up and jump over them to get to the other side. We have to think positive, that we can jump over them, because if not we would be just stuck. Being positive is always a nice way to live life.


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