Hi GUYS!!! I AM VERRRRRY SORRY FOR NOT UPLOADING FOR A LONG TIME. I have been very with school activities and I couldn’t find time to blog. I hope you understand the student duties I have to do. Thank you!!!!

Do you ever experience instances where you wish time would go faster or go slower?
There are many moments we love and cherish so much that we don’t want them to end. Special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, are the times in life where we want time to go slower to experience the moment even more. Its a feeling of happiness that we dont want to end. Sometimes, I even say  “Can’t we be happy forever?”

There also times where we want a certain event to come already. I would always wish that I would finish my junior high already so that I can go to Manila for my senior high and be with my siblings. I always wish that time would go faster. Sometimes there are situations like we are waiting for the results of a certain test. We just want this thing to happen already but it seems too far from reality. Sometimes we just dont like waiting.
There are also times where we want to go back in time to redo a certain action. There are times where we want to go back, to change our wrong doings to good. Sometimes we want to go back in time so that we can stop ourselves from doing something wrong. 

We have several experiences in life we want to forget and to remember. I think the only solution to this problem is to just understand that this is reality and nothing can be changed. Sometimes when I feel so down, I just say to myself, “it’s reality.” We shouldn’t be stuck on a moment(good or bad) forever, life continues, it does not pause. We have to know that time will pass and we should just continue to live. 

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